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Tingha Fire Appeal Funds Distributed

Published | Jul 15, 2019 IN | BEST Community Shed BEST Employment

After an outpouring of generosity from across the region following the Tingha Plateau Fire, $40,000 was distributed last week to 20 applicants who were devastated by the disaster which ripped through the district in February of 2019. The losses included homes, sheds, stock, vehicles, belonging...

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Banking with a Difference

Published | Jun 11, 2019 IN | BEST Community Shed

Commonwealth Bank Inverell branch employees have donated $500 to the BEST Community Shed as part of a nationwide community donation program. The bank’s Inverell branch team voted to support the work of the BEST Community Shed, and bank representatives visited the Shed shop on Tuesday morning to p...

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BEST Fire Appeal

Published | Apr 03, 2019 IN | BEST Employment BEST Community Shed

The loss experienced by fire can be heartbreaking and destructive. People affected by the Tingha Plateau fire in February felt this first-hand, and besides the many outlets for assistance, a community-led appeal is now available to those trying to rebuild their lives. Funds through the BEST F...

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BCS Newsletter Edition 3 Winter 2018

Published | Jul 24, 2018 IN | BEST Community Shed

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BCS Newsletter Edition 2, April 2018

Published | May 02, 2018 IN | BEST Community Shed

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Cooking Up Independence

Published | Feb 27, 2018 IN | BEST Community Shed

Cooking is a life skill every person should have the chance to learn and BEST Community Shed is proud to partner with Northaven Ltd to bring more independent skills to the Inverell community. Through the BEST Community Shed funding program Northaven is able to purchase kitchen items to kick of...

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Making Our Community Stronger

Published | Feb 13, 2018 IN | BEST Community Shed

The BEST Community Shed was proud to complete the funding to Inverell’s Operation Operating Room, all made possible by the generosity and support of our local community. The donation of over $6000 to OOR was able to purchase a mobile three-in-one health monitor (pictured) for the hospital’s renal...

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Christmas Comes Early

Published | Dec 06, 2017 IN | BEST Community Shed

Inverell’s Volunteer Rescue Association (VRA) is one of the first responders most valued in times of crisis, and the local branch has received a boost to help them assist our community. VRA rescue squad Captain Jason Tom, and Secretary and equipment officer Chris Reeves received a $5000 donati...

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BCS Newsletter Edition 1, December 2017

Published | Dec 01, 2017 IN | BEST Community Shed


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Funding Fuels Food for Thought

Published | Jun 27, 2017 IN | BEST Community Shed

The BEST Community Shed has come so far in a short period of time- this week handing over our fifth cheque to the Inverell community, and bringing the total community contribution to $6,500. Inverell District Family Services has been successful in obtaining $1,500 to go towards a Nourishing Ch...

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A Donation to Smile About

Published | May 30, 2017 IN | BEST Community Shed

Another boost of funding back into the community, thanks to the BEST Community Shed. McLean Care is grinning after the shed donated $2000 to go towards a dental chair at the local aged care facility. The contribution is part of a much bigger project to provide more access to services. “It will b...

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Gaining Traction

Published | May 04, 2017 IN | BEST Community Shed BEST Food Garden

Three months in and the BEST Community Shed is booming! If you haven't already, you need to check it out. This week Simon McCarthy from The Inverell Times stopped by to get the latest update on the Shed. You can view the article here, published 3rd May 2017

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