Quality Policy

As a provider of community Services, BEST Employment is committed to meeting the needs and expectations of its clients through constant review and improvement of its processes.

This commitment is achieved by:

  1. A strong commitment by CEO, Executive and Staff to quality service delivery through the  review and maintenance of a Quality Management System

  2. Communication of the Quality Management System and the Company’s Quality Objectives to all Staff

  3. Compliance with statutory and contractual obligations, standards, specifications and codes of practice relevant to quality management

  4. Provision of sufficient and suitable resources to  maintain the Quality Management System

  5. Provision of appropriate training and development opportunities to staff in order to continually improve skills, knowledge and job competency

  6. Revision and communication of the results of organisational and individual performance against Quality Objectives

  7. Revision of the overall performance of the Quality Management System and Quality Objectives at least annually or when BEST's operating environment changes consistent with certification requirements.


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