Funding Fuels Food for Thought

Published | Jun 27, 2017 | IN BEST Community Shed

The BEST Community Shed has come so far in a short period of time- this week handing over our fifth cheque to the Inverell community, and bringing the total community contribution to $6,500.

Inverell District Family Services has been successful in obtaining $1,500 to go towards a Nourishing Children's program.

"It is about cooking with the children and teaching them about healthy foods and alternatives and showing them all of these recipes, and how cost effective it is to make a lot of food from scratch.

Inverell is in the top 10 town of Australia's most obese children so we need to start somewhere, and I think with our children aged 0-5 that is the absolute ideal time-frame to start." Nicky Lavender, IDFS.


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