A Donation to Smile About

Published | May 30, 2017 | IN BEST Community Shed

Another boost of funding back into the community, thanks to the BEST Community Shed. McLean Care is grinning after the shed donated $2000 to go towards a dental chair at the local aged care facility. The contribution is part of a much bigger project to provide more access to services.

“It will benefit our community, it will benefit our residents and our workers. And it means that we’re not trying to get out residents who’s mobility is limited, trying to make them uncomfortable to get them to a dentist. It will beneficial for people not to miss out on much required services.” Said Melissa Scott, McLean Care.

The chair will be utilised to facilitate disability access for essential dental services and provide care for McLean Care residents, clients and the broader community.

The BEST Community Shed is pleased to bring their return to the Inverell community to $5000, in just six months of opening.

 “We’re helping the community and it will make their life easier up at McLean. This is what the BEST Community Shed is about.” Said Robyn Kenny, BEST Community Shed Volunteer.

“And we are so grateful for the support the community is giving us.”

McLean Care hopes to have their new dentistry room up and running within six months.

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