Where to look for work?

Published | Feb 07, 2023

How do I look for a job?

Talk on the street is there are jobs everywhere. But where?
They aren’t just going to fall from the sky into your lap.

So, where should we be looking?

  1. Ask your family and friends: Speak with the people who know you best and what you are capable of and see what eventuates. They may know of someone hiring and you may get a foot in the door.
  2. Cold calling or visiting employers: As scary as it sounds, fortune favours the brave. You only need 30 seconds of pure courage to walk into a business, ask for the manager and ask for a job- while handing over your resume.
    If they don’t have something suitable now, they might down the track.
  3. Employment Agency vacancy board: visit your local BEST Employment office and view our job vacancy board in the reception area.
  4. Career Expos: Get out in the community and put yourself in the right places, in front of the right people. Jobs expos are wonderful places where there are endless opportunities and you can find out more about a company, the roles and areas of work.
  5. Online: Don’t be afraid of technology, it is your friend in this case. We recommend looking at the following websites: Seek, Adzuna, Jora, LinkedIn, CareerOne and Indeed.
  6. Social Media: Don’t undervalue the presence of social media. It has grown as one of the biggest job searching platforms with pages dedicated to businesses posting jobs in their local towns. Go and find your local jobs or I want work pages and see what is out there.

Remember, no is not a no, it is a not right now. You might hear several ‘no’s’ but all its takes is one ‘yes’ to launch a career and change a life.

At BEST Employment we are dedicated to empowering and assisting you to find meaningful and sustainable employment.

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