Manilla local says yes to retirement

Published | Sep 16, 2020 | IN BEST Employment

Manilla local, Norman Church, is handing over his name badge as he takes his next journey into retirement.

At 60 years old, Norm, as everyone likes to call him, has had an enjoyable working career and is now ready to slow down and find the joys of life.

“It will be good to rest my legs. I’ve been down here for a long time. I’ve done a lot of jobs over that years, so it’ll be good to retire.” said Norm.

“I have had a great time down here and made some great friends.”

Norm has been a part of BEST Employment’s disability employment program for over ten years, providing guidance and support with his intellectual disability to navigate the workforce.

“Even when I got the job BEST helped me with organizing my super or if I needed a hand at work. Stuff I couldn’t do by myself. It was nice having someone always there.” said Norm.

And for BEST, it’s the end of an era.

“Its been a privilege to be a part of Norm’s journey. We have been with him for ten years, and while it sounds like a lot it definitely does not feel that long. We will definitely miss catching up with him at work and we wish him all of the best with his retirement.” said Rebecca Riley, Disability Team Leader BEST Employment.

As for Manilla IGA, this is not the last they have seen of Norman Church.

 “I’m allowed to come back and do my shopping.”

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