International Day of Person with Disability

Published | Nov 27, 2023 | IN BEST Employment

This Sunday, 3rd December, is International Day of People with Disability.

Here at BEST Employment, we are proud to be your local Disability Employment Services Provider and we would like to share with you a range of stories from our amazing clients and their achievements,


Meet Stephen from Wee Waa


Stephen has found the strength to overcome his personal barriers thanks to the support of his local church and job coach.

Through these connections, Stephen started volunteering in the kitchen which has given him the opportunity to put his skills, talent and love of cooking to work.

Each week Stephen develops more confidence in himself and his abilities and says this opportunity has given him a sense of purpose and beneficial to his health and wellbeing.

"There is no better feeling than giving to the local community and knowing you have helped others."


Meet Kyle from Narrabri


While often shy and lacking confidence, Kyle worked extremely hard with his job coach Steve, to build his self-esteem and applying for jobs. And it has paid off.

Kyle was successful in obtaining a retail assistance position and was extremely grateful for the assistance he was provided by his job coach and was excited for this opportunity.


Meet Hayley in Tamworth

Hayley is an ambitious young lady who set her sights on gaining employment in retail, and we have been so pleased to be part of her journey of achieving her goals.

Despite some setbacks and unsuccessful applications, Hayley's perseverance never wavered, and in October this year Hayley was offered a position with local retailer, House.

Hayley has now been working with House for four weeks and is loving being with the team.


Meet Leonard from Moree


Back in 2021, Leornard was struggling to find stable and ongoing work, which was suitable with his barriers, so he teamed up with BEST Employment to update his Traffic Control ticket and obtain his Workers on Foot Ticket. Now all he needed was the job.

Leonard applied for a job with a local Traffic Control company in which he was successful, and with the company holding long-term contracts in the area, it gave Leornard suitable and stable income he needed.

Since starting work, Leonard has completed more training opportunities and has more employment prospects ahead of him.

We are proud to say Leornard is still working for the same company today, over two years later.


Meet Joey from Gunnedah


You may have seen Joey around donning is yellow vest and stop sign thanks to his new employment with Transport NSW.

Joey expressed interest in obtaining his traffic control ticket, before applying for a School Crossing Supervisor role, and as you can see- he was successful!

Joey has now been working for 13 weeks and has been offered a permanent position by his employer.


Meet Sherry in Tamworth

Sherry is a proud Indigenous woman with a hearing impairment, who is passionate about her culture and helping others, which is why her employment at Aboriginal Hostel Limited in Tamworth has been a great fit.

Sherry said she is very thankful for all the help that BEST Employment has provided for her to gain this employment as she’s enjoying being back in the work industry after having a while off.

Sherry has also advised that not only is this company good to work for as they understand her disability, but she gets along really well with her other co-workers.

Sherry has been in this employment for three weeks now and doesn’t see herself leaving it any time soon.

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