How to write a good resume

Published | Mar 15, 2023

How to write a good resume

This could be the first thing an employer sees of you, so are you giving them your best first impression?

Writing a good resume is a challenge, even for the experts. You may feel like you are the perfect candidate for the role but if your resume doesn’t ‘stand out’ or hit the mark, you could easily be overlooked for the opportunity to prove yourself.

First, plan your resume/CV.

Whether you have a long list of accomplishments and experience, or you are just starting out, plan how to present your resume.

We recommend:

  1. Contact details: Start with your name, email address and a phone number. It won’t be necessary to add your age, date of birth or exact location. Please ensure your details are correct and you are reachable. If you cannot be contacted, you cannot get the job.
  2. Short Introduction: This section should be a short paragraph, focusing on the role you are applying for, why you are applying and why you would be a good fit. This needs to be personalised for every job you apply for. Note: use your cover letter for a longer introduction. Keep this short and sweet.
  3. Skills and Experience: This is where most employers look first to see what you bring to the table. Be clear, concise and be honest. Use your title, start and end dates, followed by bullet points of what this role required of you and the skills you acquired.
  4. Achievements: This is optional but can highlight quality traits you want to share.
  5. Education and Training: If you have completed training relevant to the role you are applying for, this is where you mention them.  This includes educational history from schools to colleges to universities.
  6. Hobbies and interests: Outline the things you like to do and are interested in towards the end of your resume. This allows you to show a little personality without drawing away from the professionalism of your resume.
  7. References: Try to list two contact details of people who can vouch for you. Always try for professional contacts, however, personal references will also suffice.

Use what you have, be creative and apply. Don’t be afraid to apply for a job. All it takes is one yes, one chance, to change your life.

Give it your best shot and let your resume reflect who you are

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