A Boost to Tackle Bullying

Published | Jul 12, 2017 | IN BEST Employment

headspace is ramping up it's effort to tackle bullying in Tamworth, and BEST Employment is hoping their BEST in the Community funding grant can help them on their way.

headspace received $1000 through the funding program to be used on new Anti-Bullying reporting technology.

"The money is going towards the Bully Box Program, where we will get a software program from overseas that was designed by a student who has been bullied and we are going to trial it in a high school in Tamworth.

"By decreasing bulling we hope, not just on site bullying but covert bullying. The bullying can be reported by student's themselves on their smart phones anonymously, without fear. Hopefully has a result of reducing bullying we can build a stronger community" said headspace's Youth & Community Engagement Officer, Avril Oakley-Hollow.

The program will also provide insight into bullying statistics.

"It's hard to gauge whether it [bullying] is getting better or worse due to the inability of the reporting system, so by introducing this system we are hoping to be able to have more accurate data to be able to draw any of those conclusions."



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