Career After Kids

Published | Jul 12, 2017 | IN BEST Employment

Entering the workforce can be hard work, especially when you have children- even more so if you have anxiety. But Chontelle Thomas from Narrabri has proven there is room for a career after kids.

Chontelle has three children, was receiving income support for over 507 weeks and decided six months ago to overcome her barrier and  take up the challenge of employment.

“I didn’t want to be sitting at home while my children were at school and having nothing to do.”

Before having kids, Chontelle has only previously done volunteering or work experience which left her resume bare, but her skills from being a parent were in no shortage.

Chontelle linked up with her Job Coach, Karly, at BEST Employment who helped find a pathway that suited her.

“I have anxiety, if I can avoid people I will. But Karly just made it heaps easy and helped with my confidence to be looking for employment.”

Chontelle commenced employment with the Centre of Town in Narrabri, under Don Cinningham, who said it isn’t all about the resume.

“It’s not all about experience, we can teach the job. But you’ve got to try.”

Chontelle has since changed employers but has just reached her 26 week outcome with BEST Employment and continues to grow from strength to strength in her new role, and encourages any parents or people with anxiety out there who want to work, to give it a shot.

“If you are reliable and have the drive, employers will look past experience and see what you’ve got. There is always something for you to learn, even with your life skills and parenting skills. And it beats sitting at home.”

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