Little Readers get a Boost

Published | Jun 28, 2017 | IN BEST Employment

Nothing beats the smell of new books, and that exactly what is coming the way Inverell's Little Readers.

Kindamindi's 'Little Readers' Program has been awarded $2000 through the BEST in the Community Funding opportunity.

"Its a program that gets literacy into the community for Indigenous and low-socioeconomic children." said Jane Carr, Director Kindamindi Preschool

Kindamindi Preschool is looking to purchase a range of books for up to 400 local children.

"Funding grants are the only way this can happen. We're looking at identifying the need of the families and children in the community" said Jane.

"Education is an exciting experience and reading is a life skill, so it's great that BEST Employment can contribute to a meaningful program to help our younger generations." said Kate Ottewell, Marketing Coordinator.

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