Finding Our Ability

Published | Jun 28, 2017 | IN BEST Employment

Looking for work isn't easy, luckily for Patrick Crook in Warwick, BEST Employment is on his side.

On returning to his home town, Patrick requested he be re-linked with BEST Employment to help him find employment. And it didn't take long.

"Pat was with us for 6 weeks and is already in employment. It's been a speedy successful placement and he is thriving." Said Dan McQueen, Performance Manager in Warwick.

Patrick has an Intellectual disability, but that does not hinder his work at the Warwick RSL Club.

At the Club Patrick does a range of jobs both in an out of the Kitchen, working 15 hours a week and loving it.

"BEST helped me find what I wanted to do." said Patrick.

At the Warwick RSL there is a clear focus on finding Patrick's strengths.

"Being as the RSL is a community club, I feel it is the role of clubs like these sort of placements and give the employee confidence to pursue further careers." said John Gartside, Manager.

"He [Pat] needs to be commended for being proactive in finding work, as well as the employer for their flexibility." said BEST Employment's Dan McQueen.




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