Feeding the Community

Published | May 08, 2017 | IN BEST Employment


For the volunteers at the Christian Outreach Centre, they’re used to being the ones providing food to the community, but the tables have turned.

For this year’s National Volunteer Week the Centre hosted a morning tea to give back and give thanks to the volunteers and Work for the Dole participants who give so much.

“The activity is a beautiful example of participants working together with volunteers and their community.” Said Ilonka Patkos, WfD Broker.

The activity commenced in early January 2017 and has since distributed over 1000 meals to the homeless, through the Community Carevan.

Deputy Prime Minister, the hon. Barnaby Joyce, joined in with the celebrations.

“What is particularly great about this volunteer service is that it is helped by 15 local participants of the Work for the Dole programme, who together with other volunteers, prepare about 80 meals a day.” Mr Barnaby Joyce said.

A huge congratulations to all employment providers, for collaborating together and assisting to get this wonderful project off the ground and thriving.

We cannot wait to see what is to come in the future.

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