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Published | Oct 14, 2016 | IN BEST Employment

In regional towns time is crucial for local businesses and we can never seem to find enough of it, especially when it comes to hiring staff.

By the time you advertise, cull the applicants, interview the top candidates and successfully employ someone you are months down the track, and for many it’s not good enough.

That’s why employers use employment providers, such as BEST Employment.

“If it was left to us to do we wouldn’t have John as an apprentice now.” Said Robert Moore, owner of South Moree Butchery.

South Moree Butchery is a small business that has been growing since it opened its door 3 years ago. While striving to be innovative and meeting local demands, the need to hire was growing but with a lack of time, it wasn’t a priority.

With a limited supply of qualified butchers in town, an apprentice was the answer, but where would they find the time to look?

 “I was looking to find people who would be here for a long  period of time to sort of adapt to the things I wanted to do with the business.”

That’s when Mr Moore turned to BEST Employment.

 “We took his advice [BEST Employment’s Employer Specialist, Mark Cubis] on who he had on is list, we interviewed John and he has been an absolute trojan worker.

“It was great the interview was held on the premises as we have no room, so having that convenience to come over, be welcomed, be provided a very functional space was just so much easier than when people come into the shop.

When you use BEST Employment it saves time when you are busy, it lets you screen and you can take advice. You can’t afford for the phone to be ringing, you can’t afford to be checking your emails every 5 minutes.”

Apprentice Butcher, John Singleton, will complete his first year with South Moree Butcher at the end of 2016, the day after his 22nd birthday.

 “They [BEST Employment] did all of the work. Without this apprenticeship I would still be in work for the dole.” John Singleton said.

“BEST Employment strives to match job seekers with local businesses, for long term sustainable positions. We listen to you individual and industry needs and work with you to find the right fit for your business.” Said Marketing Coordinator, Kate Ottewell.

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