Meeting the Needs of the Locals

Published | Jun 24, 2016 | IN BEST Employment

At BEST Employment we pride ourselves on listening to our employers and delivering high quality, skill matched, willing to work participants.

Which is why our relationship with the McDonalds in Moree is so successful.

Alison Crossley and her husband have owned the local franchise for nearly two years. They have over 100 staff and know how tough recruitment can be, so they look to BEST Employment for assistance.

“They understand our business. We are able to ask for a particular role and he [Mark, BEST Employment’s Employer Specialists] is able to source through his candidates to find us the right person.” Alison said.

“They know what we want. They know what our standards are”

The owners say using an employment provider makes the process easier and less time consuming.

BEST Employment is committed to placing suitable jobseekers in long term, sustainable positions.  Our local staff is passionate about seeing local businesses grow.

We pre-screen and  provide boot camps and training to get our participants work ready . We follow up our commitment with onsite visits to support both the employer and the employee.

For Jobseeker, Phillip Wemyss, BEST Employment turned his life around. Frustrated at being unable to find a job on his own, he linked up with BEST Employment for help.

“I applied for a lot of different jobs and I just wasn’t getting any response. These people [BEST Employment] have bent over backwards to help me. I couldn’t be more pleased. It’s given me a lot of confidence, particularly at my age I never thought I’d get a job again. It’s meant a lot, it’s given me my life back.”

BEST Employment currently has three participants successfully working at McDonalds in Moree.

It’s because of stories like these, that we do what we do. 

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