BEST's Water Donations

Published | Nov 19, 2019 | IN BEST Employment

BEST Employment is extremely proud to donate one of the most important comodity to our communities, water.

Many of our communites are battling bushfires or drought, both as equally harmful.

BEST has been able to donate hundred to ltires of water to many in need in Tenterfield, Drake and Stanthorpe, as well as to those fighting on the front line to save lives and homes and Tamworth.

So many community members were impacted by the fires in both Tenterfield and Stanthorpe areas, including some of our valued employers and jobseekers. We understood that the water supplies in the Tenterfield and broader area were depleted so they were very grateful for BEST's timely support.

We are also working with Drought Assist in our Stanthorpe area to determine how we may best assist the community in this regard.

Photographed below is Russell from FoodWorks, Tom, our volunteer Delivery Boy from Drake and BEST Tenterfield Performance Manager, Carol Dearden, loading the trailer.



Photographed below is Tianna Milovanovic, organiser behind the fire-fighter assistance with BEST Employment staff, Michael Cole, Keryl Caulfield and Reece Sheumack.

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