A New Chapter

Published | Aug 27, 2019 | IN BEST Employment

After more than 30 years with the organisation, BEST Employment’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Tom Sanderson, will soon be turning off his work computer for the last time. Tom joined the organisation back in 1988 when the company traded as Inverell Skill Training Inc, with only three staff members on the books.

“I just came here to teach a few people how to use a computer. Back in those days computers had only just come about,” said Tom. Very modest about his time with BEST, Tom was the company’s accountant and Finance Manager for many years, assisting with labour market programs and financial systems, before later taking on the role of Chief Financial Officer.

“Everyone does stuff together, someone comes up with the ideas and we all work together to make it happen. I never expected BEST would grow to this big but I am not surprised, given the opportunities that are around. That’s what we have done over the years, we’ve seen opportunities to make our communities better, and then tried to make them happen.”

Retiring as CFO at the end of August, Tom won’t be going far, retaining his position on the BEST Board, while pursuing personal goals in his free time. He sends best wishes to all of his colleagues, past and present, and is looking forward to BEST’s bright future.

“Almost all of my working life has been with BEST, it’s got a good culture and that has been very important. I trust BEST keeps doing the sort of stuff that we have always aimed to do, empowering people to live a better life, through work and independence.”

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